Moldflow analysis

We offer computer modeling analysis services on hot runner filling for our customers’ plastic products, simulating pre-molding conditions to find the optimal gate location and good filling balance. This hot runner molfflow analysis saves time for mold trial and reduces error costs, helping customers bring higher quality, more cost effective products to market efficiently and quickly.

Simulates Plastics injection molding process optimises time and cost

Our mold flow analysis uses computer  to simulate pre-molding process conditions, allowing you to optimize gate location and filling balance. By pre-inputting this analysis, you can modify product design  and mold structure for  hot runner layout in the software rather than in production, ensuring that the mold and hot runner are built correctly at first time.

What we `ll do for an analysis

  • Cycle time evaluation
  • Filling Analysis 
  • Sequential Filling Analysis 
  • Filling analysis 
  • Cooling analysis 
  • Warpage analysis   

Analysis report

After completing the filling analysis, we prepare a report of the comprehensive analysis with detailed graphics and additional data .

This report explains the optimized injection molding analysis conditions , based on the specific modification recommendations provided, can help you design the best molds layout  and eliminate costly, time-consuming mold modification.

Mold design assistance

We also provide mold design assistance to customer for the hottip selection & cooling review by our tooling experts who worked for plastic field for over twenty years,to eliminate the shooting risk in moldtry.