As hot runner systems become more complex, the greater the dependence on your hot runner provider, and the greater the threat of production downtime for you. Choosing Kalortech systems, solutions and services is a smart choice. Especially if you are using another hot runner system, after many years, the hot tip performance is deteriorating and you have to spend a lot of time and effort on maintaining the system, while our solution allows you to update your system quickly, reduce downtime waiting for rescue and keep production flowing without additional external aid costs,we`ll help you to set up all the maintainance strategy at the beginning. 

Our advanced production facilities ensure the accuracy of hot runner systems and fast turnaround times. Our factory is open 24 hours a day, and in addition to providing hot runner systems and related accessories, we also offer mold flow analysis services and mold design assistance consulting. Our toling experts will provide you more than hot runner support on design and mold try issues.

Starting from providing simple single nozzle to complex multi-cavity systems, including integrated hothalf solutions, we can accommodate a variety of complex mold design configurations. Furthermore we can even provide non-standardized hot runner solutions for what you need, optimizing your cavity feeding system is what we always insist on.

After years of technical support for  various types of plastic products, we`re good at providing hot runners for various products such as automotive part medical product,printer ,package,home appliance,TV,mobile,  notebook and OA appliance etc. and whether it is single color or two-color, thin-walled  or multi-cavity  structures we can offer for you.

We started our hot runer system business for domestic customers at the beginning,then we tried to provide services to some overseas buyers’ projects in China, and after gaining their trust and appreciation, we requested to provide hot runner systems directly to overseas projects, with superior quality and feasible,simple maintenance solutions to achieve mutual value .


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